Create stunning landing pages quickly, so you can convert more leads into customers.

Your business needs landing pages that convert. Which means you need a page for your warmest leads... and a page for cold prospects... and a page for every stage of awareness (and every offer) in-between. And sometimes you need an entire website to go LIVE… like two weeks ago.


You don’t need another platform that tries to be everything to everyone. But a page builder that’s really good at solving your dilemma, fast.


That’s why our team of developers and internet marketers made Kickpages, a flexible landing page and website builder that combines easy drag and drop features with 100% customizable options to give you FULL control.


So you can create and publish a page every 30 minutes, or an entire website in a few hours, if that’s what you want.


You’re a Marketer, not a web developer
or graphic designer. And this is why you need Kickpages.

When it’s time to increase your conversions, it’s time for Kickpages. There are easily a million reasons to simplify your page
building process inside Kickpages. Here are the no-brainer ones that’ll help you grow your business. Not life-changing.
Just growth-hacking. Well… yeah, life-changing too.

You want full control over how your page looks and you don’t have time to play around.


Obviously you want a visual page building experience. You want to see what you’re creating as you go, and not waste time guessing how it might look.


And you want to be able to drag elements across your screen and drop them anywhere you want on the page (obviously).


And you want total control over how your pages look and feel - not because you’re a control freak. Because you’re a pro and your pages should look like they were built by a pro.


So of course we built these pro features into Kickpages. Obviously.


“Learning Curves” are for high-school biology students, not professional marketers.


You’re already wearing too many hats. “Saas Student” shouldn’t be one of them. Kickpages eliminates the learning curve with our “PagePro” video guide. Follow along with us to create a beautiful page in under 10 minutes, and master the app as you go.


By the end of the video, you’re ready to hit publish and watch the sales roll in. Cha-ching!



Because it’s not something trivial, but your business on the line - with actual money hanging in the balance - you shouldn’t have to risk losing revenue while you wait for tech support.


Get answers to any of your tech or ‘how-to’ questions through our live chat... email… screen sharing - whatever it takes to remCove the roadblocks and launch your pages faster.

A growing selection of “Ready-For-You” market-tested templates.


Un-sleazy templates to reflect the pro that you are? We’ve got those.

Templates that look like they were created by your fave marketing “Guru”? We’ve got those, too.

How about templates to capture your reader’s ever-elusive attention and keep them on the page? Yeah, we’ve got those.

Salesy templates that look like they traveled through time from 1997? Um… no. You won’t find those. Promise. (Unless you’re into the ‘retro’ thing… ‘cause that’s cool. We don’t judge ;)

Create your own templates and save them to use again… and again. Because when you’ve got a winner, that’s what you do.

You can even combine groups of pages inside a Project Template so you’ve got your own custom template for an entire site or sales funnel.


Sleek, modern, professional quality… ready to capture and convert your leads.


You’re using a whole suite of marketing tools, and they all need to play nice...


Kickpages gives you seamless integration with all your other tools. Seriously.

You can capture leads and send them directly into that well-crafted email campaign you spent hours writing.

Instantly deliver your lead magnets and start the conversion process right there on your killer “Thank You Page.”

Plus...if we don;t have an integration you need just let us know and we'll get right on it.

Autoresponders… webinars… lead capture & export… Youzign…



You might not own a Tesla Roadster, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience exceptional speed.


Your Kickpages pages will load. Fast. Like “milliseconds” fast. Because your readers expect it.


We designed Kickpages to exceed your expectations for lightning-fast, speeding-bullet-style load times.


Not only can you build what you need more quickly than ever before, now it will be in front of your customers eyes in record time too


Create an entire website in no time flat thanks to Design Blocks.


Remember when it took weeks (or months) to create a full scale website? That’s like so 2017.


Design blocks let you drag small chunks of website into the editor and combine them to quickly create a full site. Hello rapid launch!


We have 100’s included in your account, ready to use and customise at will.


You can even save any part of any page you make yourself as a design block to use again. This is lightning fast page creation and seamless, time-saving workflow in action.

”Stand-Out-From-the-Crowd” images at your fingertips


You don’t even have to leave your Kickpages dashboard to find that perfect, eye-catching image to make your pro page more pro.


Built-in image library + External image libraries (like Pixabay) integration lets you search, click and insert images from the web into your Kickpages project without ever leaving the editor.


You can even save your favourite images (or upload them) and organise them however you like, ready to use when needed, in seconds.


Fully mobile responsive, beautiful on all devices...…


You concentrate on making the page you want, Kickpages will do the rest.


Once you publish your masterpiece, kickpages will make your beautiful design look amazing on whatever device your readers are using.


Build it once, use it everywhere.

Plus...we are only scratching the surface of what Kickpages can do

See how your pages are performing. Build optin forms. Let us host your domain and subdomain (included, if you want it). Build an onsite pop-up. Create 100% height sections (for that trendy look). Add users when you wanna collaborate. Share projects between users. Add your team. Manage your workflow. Make your pages SEO-friendly. Create custom domains. Look like a pro.


Be a pro.


Seriously. Every feature you’d build into a page builder, if you built page builders.


If you collect leads in Aweber, GetResponse, ConstantContact and more…

Integrate your Kickpages with whatever email service you use. Big Name or small, and more being added all the time.

Don't use a listed service? No problem, Kickpages lets you save your leads right inside your account, ready to export wherever you please.

If you run paid ads through Facebook or Adwords..

Send those leads directly to your perfectly crafted, fast, optimized Kickpages landing page. Easy.


Don’t miss out on capturing and converting
leads because of pages that take too long
to build, launch and load.

The page builder you’ve been using is OK for newbie entrepreneurs who don’t know they need more landing pages
to get more conversions. You’re light-years ahead of the newbies. #Convertbetter


Choose your plan.

Monthly Pricing
Annual Pricing (20% discount)



Starter plan includes:

  • 20 pages
  • 200 templates
  • 200 design blocks
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited projects

+ all standard features.



Pro plan includes:

  • Unlimited pages
  • ALL templates
  • ALL design blocks
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited projects
  • HTML page export
  • 5 sub-accounts

+ all standard features.

Standard features

Each plan also includes this range of powerful features:

Drag and drop editor

Easily create any page you need with our drag and drop editor.

Visual elements

See your page come together exactly as you want, right inside our editor.

Built-in image library

No need for a designer, our built-in image library has you covered.

External image libraries

Access millions of stock images and icons right inside our app.

Custom image upload

Upload and use any of your own images with 1 click ease.

Mobile preview + editor

See how your creation looks on mobile, right inside the editor.

Huge template library

Full library of marketing imgaes included in your account.

Design blocks

Drag and drop 100's of ready-build design blocksonto your page.

Youzign integration

Direct integration with leading cloud image app, Youzign.

Personal templates

Save any page you need as a template to use again.

Personal design blocks

Save sections you use over and over as personal design blocks.

Undo/redo feature

Easily roll back changes with the undo/redo feature.

Form builder

Build everything from optin forms to surveys and more.

Autoresponder integration

Direct integration with leading autorespsonder services.

Webinar integration

One click integration with GoToWebinar & Demio, more coming soon.

Page statistics & reports

Detailed page insights, traffic and referral stats.

Lead capture & export

Capture leads and form data inside Kickpages, export at will.

Project templates

Full multi-page site templates, ready to deploy in one click.

Responsive pages

Design once, use everywhere. Fully boostrap powered responsiveness.

Lightning fast

Kickpages is built for speed. Create with unrivalled efficiency.

Cloud hosting

Simply publish your page and let our Amazon hosting handle the rest.

Advanced publishing options

Publish your pages where you need them, on any domain.

Page export

Export a zip of your full page, images and related files for external use.

SEO optimization

Full SEO-ready page metadata and Facebook  OG tags.

In-page linking

Perfect for "one page" sites, easily linking to multiple sections.

Popup builder

Build any type of popup right inside our editor.

Workflow management

Powerful workflow tools such as sharing, export, cloning and more.

Move pages

Move pages to any other project with eease.

Share projects & pages

Share pages and full projects with any other Kickpages user.


Invite other Kickpages users to work directly on your pages.

HTML element builder

For advanced code addition when you want to get "under the hood".

Custom CSS & JS

Customise everything with your own CSS and JS includes.

External scripts

Incliude external JS, tracking and more. Unrivalled flexibility.

Video backgrounds

Add fulls creen video backgrounds to your pages.

CSS gradients

Built-in CSS gradient creations for backgrounds, buttons and more.

Project archive

Archive any project for later use, enver lose your work.

...and loads more

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