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Schedule tasks in advance to save time and remove stress using Page Automation

Page Automation

Introducing: Page Automation

Page Automation is a revolutionary new way to update your pages. No longer is it necessary to be online at certain times to do routine tasks like removing offers, changing payment links, creating redirects, updating your messaging, or removing timers and page sections. The idea behind Page Automation is simple. Set everything up at the start, publish it, and relax as your pages run on autopilot.

Automate tasks and ensure everything runs smoothly

Page Automation opens up millions of ways to save time and ensure everything runs exactly to plan. To begin, simply set a start and end time on any row, element, or section and it will appear or disappear from your page when you set it to. This means time-sapping tasks like updating prices, offers, and page content can be scheduled as far in advance as you want. In fact, you can even automate entire chains of events around intensive periods like flash sales and launches to completely take the stress away.

Automate tasks and ensure everything runs smoothly

Limitless ways to automate your pages

See some of the most popular ways to use Page Automation to save your time

Run time-limited offers

Run time-limited offers

Automate every aspect of running an offer from updating sales copy, playing different videos, adding and removing countdown timers, changing product prices, and displaying coupons – all hands-free.

Choose what happens when countdown timers expire

Choose what happens when countdown timers expire

Decide what happens when your timer expires. Set it to do nothing, disappear completely, or redirect customers to any other webpage – particularly useful when running closed launches or funnels. Kickpages includes Evergreen and Interval timers too.

Schedule your entire sales launch process

Schedule your entire sales launch process

Set the start time for any sections of your page to hide them until a time is reached. For example, you can make your sales page show a pre-launch opt-in form or waiting list, then automatically at a set time, hide it, and show your full sales page instead.

Create a coupon-based flash sale

Create a coupon-based flash sale

Create a coupon, put it in a page section as a sticky footer, and set your chosen start and end times. Now, whenever you want to launch a flash sale you can simply set the section to appear/disappear.

Build a cross-selling system with Page Automation and Global Blocks

With Global Blocks, you can save a design block for use in multiple pages. Then if you edit the block on 1 page, it updates on every page. The beauty of this is that when you combine it with Page Automation, you can easily build a fully-automated cross-selling system amongst all your marketing pages. Just give your Global Block a start and end time and you can display any offer or content on all your pages for a time-limited period.

Build a cross-selling system

Run a fully-automated product launch using Page Automation

Running a product launch without Kickpages can be stressful and time-consuming. See how Page Automation can handle every task in advance from start to finish.

The Scenario

Imagine you’re launching a new $99 video training course. You’re going to open up the course to buyers for 5 days from Monday to Friday, and then from midnight on Friday, you want to double the price to $199. To incentivize customers to buy early, you’re also going to have an “early-bird” offer of a free ebook if they buy within the first 2 days. Tricky? Not anymore.

How to set up your launch

Start by setting up your pages as you normally would, then add in extras using Page Automation:

  • Add a design block to appear on the sales page with the details of the free ebook, but set it to disappear at midnight on Tuesday
  • Add an element to your thank-you page with a download link to the ebook but set it to disappear at midnight on Tuesday
  • Add a new sub-headline and countdown timer stating there’s only “24 hours before the price rises” that will appear on Friday 00:01 and disappear at 23:59
  • Set the checkout blocks on your sales page to automatically disappear when the price rises at midnight on Friday. Then add new checkout blocks, leading to a different checkout page with your course at $197 to appear from Saturday.

Your fully-automated launch schedule

Monday and Tuesday

Your page goes online and your $99 course launches with an early-bird offer of a free ebook for buyers in the first couple of days to drive more sales.

Wednesday and Thursday

At midnight on Wednesday, your sales page automatically updates to remove the block detailing the early-bird offer. In addition, the download link to the ebook on your thank-you page disappears too.


In order to boost conversions before the price rises, your new sub-headline stressing that there are only 24 hours left appears on your sales page, along with a countdown timer.


As soon as it hits Saturday, your sales page updates with new checkout sections, detailing the higher price of $197 and leading to a new checkout page. The “last chance” sub-headline and countdown timer disappear as the launch offer expires.

Use Page Automation with all your websites, funnels, launches, landing pages, and membership sites

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