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A fast, flexible, and easy-to-use website builder that can produce any type of website quickly


Building high-quality websites at scale has never been quicker or easier

Kickpages is everything you could have wished for when looking for a tool to build websites.

Simple to use with no steep learning curve

Building websites with Kickpages requires no experience, specialist knowledge, or steep learning curve. The entire interface is incredibly simple and intuitive – just drag and drop elements, blocks, and templates into place.

Complete control and freedom to build the website you want to

When it comes to page design, the only limitation is your imagination. Absolutely anything and everything can be created. You can even add in custom CSS, JS scripts, or HTML for total control.

Build websites faster with a smooth workflow

Everything was designed from the ground up to be a smooth and seamless experience with no extra clicks, page loads, quirks, or annoying bugs. When you’re building pages so fast, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Design websites quicker with 100’s of stunning page templates for every occasion

Publish websites much faster with beautiful conversion-optimized page templates. Get started with templates for most types of websites and businesses. Drag and drop any of them onto your canvas, then customize them to fit your needs.

Stunning Page Templates

Or, create and save your own templates to build new projects faster!

With Kickpages, you can save any of your website designs as templates to get a huge headstart on future projects.  For example, imagine you have a client who’s a personal trainer and their website contains 5 pages that are common to most other fitness businesses. Simply click "save as project" and in one click you have a 5 page website ready for you to edit and use for your next client with a similar business.

Responsive designs

Mobile-friendly, responsive designs without the extra work

Making a website look stunning on desktop is one thing, but usually, it takes a lot of time and creative energy to design it to look great on mobile too. However, with Kickpages all your designs are automatically adjusted to fit every device. Want to get more specific for mobile? You can do that by setting anything on the page to be mobile or desktop only. And with built-in mobile preview, you can see exactly what your page looks like on mobile, before you publish it.

Rank high on search engines with fully optimized websites

Get more visitors arriving on your websites from search engines with total control over how your pages are optimized.  You get full access to change all the technical SEO aspects including meta keywords, descriptions and tags, schema markup, Facebook Open Graph tags and heading types (h1,h2 etc).


Plus, your websites are automatically mobile-ready, optimized for superfast speed and include free SSL – all huge factors in where your site ranks and how many customers you attract.

Rank high

Create entire page sections in seconds with Design Blocks

Design Blocks are like mini-templates for sections of your pages. They dramatically speed up the process of building webpages and provide you added inspiration for your designs. Need to add a pricing plan? A testimonials section? A contact form? Simply drag and drop a Design Block on to your page and customize it.

Design Blocks

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

Product Guarantees

Product Guarantees

Benefit Sections

Benefit Sections

Email Opt-ins

Email Opt-ins





Save endless time by updating every webpage at once with Global Blocks

Save time with automated member management, levels, and advanced options to deliver content the way you want.

With Global Blocks, if you update a Design Block on one of your pages, it automatically updates throughout your entire website.

For example, imagine you have a 10 page website and every page has the same footer. To change it on other platforms, you’d need to edit every page individually which would take an enormous amount of time. With Kickpages, you simply set the section as a Global Block, edit it once and it automatically updates everywhere on your website.

See more time-saving examples!

  • Update your website logo
  • Add a new link to your website navigation bar
  • Add social icons to your website footer
  • Update your website lead magnet
  • Change the terms of a site-wide offer
  • And lots more!

Make your website stand out from the crowd

Add the finishing touches to your design. Drag individual page elements like headlines, buttons, images, forms, maps, and more to fill your website. Then, edit the content, text, and feel of your pages. Choose the best colors, position sections with borders, padding, and margins, and add gradients, shadows, or animation effects to suit your brand.

Build a Contact Form

Build a Contact Form

Capture customer details by adding a form to any of your webpages. Data can be stored within Kickpages, or exported to an external app such as email software to notify you of new leads.

Video Background

Video Background

Display an immersive video background from YouTube or other sources on any of your webpages to make a stand-out first impression.

Bring Back Visitors with Ads

Bring Back Visitors with Ads

Add tracking code from Facebook, Google, Adroll, and other services on your landing pages so you can capture data, optimize your ads and retarget visitors.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Drag, drop, and embed a Google map onto any page to display the location of your business. Easily adjust the address, size, zoom, and marker.

Get More Bookings

Get More Bookings with Tap To Call

Add your phone number in a button on your website so that when it’s viewed on mobile, tapping the button will open the phone keypad, with your number pre-populated and ready to dial.

Access Millions of Images

Access Millions of Images and Icons

Access millions of royalty-free images and icons to add to your landing pages from Unsplash, Pixabay, Iconfinder, and Pexels.

Share your Social Media Profiles

Share your Social Media Profiles

Encourage website visitors to view your social media. Drag and drop ready-made social icons, selecting the type, style, size, and alignment that best fits the feel of your page.

Tempt Leavers with an Exit Pop-up

Tempt Leavers with an Exit Pop-up

Display a pop-up that either loads immediately, when visitors try to leave, or when they click an on-page button to give them one last push to buy or to tempt them with a lead magnet.

Automate your Entire Website

Automate your Entire Website

Schedule routine tasks in advance like removing offers, changing payment links, creating redirects, updating your messaging, or removing timers with Page Automation.

See why marketers, agencies and internet entrepreneurs choose Kickpages to build websites

Unrivaled page speed

Unrivaled page speed – No developers necessary!

Faster page speeds mean higher conversions, better SEO, and happier customers. Your websites are automatically coded to include endless tweaks, image compressions, and under-the-hood improvements that get you an “A” for speed.

Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools to work together in teams and with clients

Build websites faster by working collaboratively without stepping on each other’s toes. Add multiple users while granting as much or as little access as required. Or, share and handoff pages for others to complete. Perfect for working in teams and building sites for clients.

All-in-one platform

All-in-one platform – build pages, funnels, membership sites and more

As Kickpages is an all-in-one page and site builder, you get seamless integration with all your other pages, sites, funnels, and projects. This means you can build a website in Kickpages that connects to a sales funnel or landing page  – without paying for multiple tools or switching between interfaces.

The flexibility to host your websites wherever you want

Choose between our free blazing-fast hosting with Kickpages Cloud, or host your website wherever you want – perfect for those that build websites for clients or want to use their existing host.

Publish your sites with Kickpages Cloud

Kickpages includes free industry-leading Amazon hosting, a powerful CDN, and an SSL certificate ready-installed. You can connect your domain and publish your entire site in a few clicks – optimized for speed, security, and SEO, without having to download anything at all.

Or download and host your site anywhere

Unlike other platforms, you can download your entire website in one click. Kickpages will generate a zip file with all your HTML, images, CSS and JS, ready for you to upload anywhere you want to host it – even if you decide to cancel in the future. Great when building sites for clients.

Integrate your websites with all your favorite marketing tools

Using a mixture of webhooks, automations, and integrations there are limitless ways to fuse the websites you build with your wider marketing efforts. Hook up all your favorite marketing tools to save endless time for you or your clients.

Built-in integrations for the most popular email, payment, and webinar software







Constant Contact

Elastic Email








Automatically respond to contact form inquiries

Integrate your website with popular email marketing software such as MailChimp, GetResponse, Active Campaign, or others to automatically email you when you receive inquiries, and send an instant reply with useful info and answers to frequently asked questions.

Export booking details to a CRM and send an email confirmation

Capture details of bookings via a website form. Then automatically export customer information to your CRM, and integrate your email marketing software to send a booking confirmation.

Register interested customers to a sales webinar

Integrate your website opt-in form with popular webinar software such as Demio or GoToWebinar to automatically register new leads to a sales webinar where you can convert them into sales.

And use Zapier to integrate with 2,000+ applications and automate millions of time-sapping actions



Notify the team on Slack when someone enquires on your contact form


Add a task to Trello after a customer makes a purchase


Add details of new leads to a CRM like Pipedrive

Google Sheet

Add new inquiries to a Google Sheet

...and 1,000’s more!

Built-in analytics, reporting, and website performance management

View detailed statistics, analytics, and reports to see how the website is performing. Tack leads, page views, and the top referral URLs leading to your site without any need to waste time or spend money on external software. And lastly, produce custom reports to monitor trends over time, or if you’re building for clients, to report your performance.

Analytics reporting

Build high-quality websites quickly with Kickpages

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