Design BlockS

The ultimate in design flexibility

Massively speed up the design process. Combine design blocks to build beautiful pages.


Drag any design block to any page at any time

Design blocks are like mini-templates for sections of your pages. They dramatically speed up the process of building pages and provide you added inspiration for your designs.


Need to add a pricing plan? A testimonials section? A contact form? Simply drag a design block on to any page at any time.

Drag any design block

Choose from 100’s of professional design blocks

Hundreds of professional design blocks

With blocks for any part of your page that you’re looking to build


Create millions of your own design blocks

You aren’t limited to our ready-made design blocks. Save any section you make as your own design block for easy use on any of your pages. Or take an existing design block, customize it to your liking and save it as your own, opening the world to millions of different design possibilities.

Create design blocks

Combine design blocks

Combine design blocks to build templates faster

There’s no longer a need to be a professional designer in order to create beautiful page templates. By combining multiple design blocks onto your canvas, you can create your own page templates in minutes, ready for you to reuse for different projects, time and time again.

Change all your pages at once with global blocks

With Global Blocks, you can save a design block for use in multiple pages. Then if you edit the block on 1 page, it updates on every page, saving countless time, and creating endless opportunities

Create a cross-selling network

Create a cross-selling network

Need to change the terms of a special offer or lead magnet? Update it everywhere on your website – without missing anywhere it’s been mentioned.

Update your website content

Update your website content

Update your website logo or add a new link to your navigation bar without needing to manually edit every page on your website.

Create beautifully designed pages, even quicker with design blocks

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