About Us


Founded in 2017, Kickpages is a part of First Ignition Media, based in Donegal, Ireland.


Led by CEO & Founder Martin Crumlish, our platform has grown exponentially since we opened to the public, post beta.

Kickpages is an innovative platform

With a global, distributed design and development team, Kickpages is an innovative platform at the cutting edge of the pagebuilder market.


We built Kickpages because no other builder did what we needed. Everything was slow, missing features, too expensive or had bad support.

Kickpages eliminates all these issues and as we continue to grow, we are adding more and more user-driven features to our platform, and a range of exciting add-on applications.


Whether you want to build a simple landing page or a full website, membership or sales funnel, Kickpages is what you need.


We don’t force you to work within limits, instead we remove the limits and let you focus on being creative.

Best regards,
Martin Crumlish
Founder & CEO, Kickpages

Ready to experience Kickpages?

Create stunning high-converting pages in minutes. Customize everything to your exact design with our fast and easy-to-use Page Builder. And best of all, try everything for 14 days.

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we use our own app. Everything you see on our website is built by Kickpages.