Here's What You Get When You Sign Up For FunnelBuilder AI



Create any sales funnel, membership site or landing page easily. 1,000's of templates and design blocks.
Unlimited Pages, Funnels, Domains, Traffic



Enter a URL or text, click "generate" and EmailAI writes entire multi-email sequences for you.



Powerful AI image creation. Multiple styles, formats, sizes, prompt tweaking and more.



AI powered content generation for everything from copy to ebooks, blog posts and more.



Complete AI visual generation platform with 50+ presets, custom options & more.


Offer Helper GPT

Expand your product idea into sales copy framework, details, customer avatar and more.



Enter info about your offer and in minutes PageAI builds your entire page, including writing copy in seconds.
Unlimited page creation



Save your offer details and in a single click, create any type of sales copy you need.



Analyze any existing sales page to reverse engineer their successful copy.



Create any type of AI bot to use any data source, include your own PDF's and website.
Unlimited Account.


AI Product Machine GPT

Architect your entire product from idea to content in seconds.

Plus along with the core FunnelBuilder AI apps, you also get...


Kickpages Designer

A complete canva-style design app, built into Kickpages and only a single click away.


Easy to use, fast and loaded with templates, our Designer app means you will never be stuck when it comes to creating any images you need for your pages.




Analyze the sales copy on any existing sales page and get a full breakdwn of the structure used, why it is used and the examples to back it up.


This is the perfect tool to use to reverse-engineer winning campaigns you find in your research. Simply find pages running from ads that have been around for a while, and you can unlock the structure of proven winning campaigns.



If you haven't seen our webinar, recap or demo yet, you can check them out below:

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1 payment of only $997 per year


or 3x split monthly payments of only $397


When you sign up for the FunnelBuilder AI Founders Deal,
you also get these exclusive bonuses:

Bonus 1

We'll build your funnel (Launchpad)

The killer problem for most people when they sign up for a new platform is "blank screen of death".


It's one thing going on a webinar or sales page, getting excited and signing up...but then being faced with the empty screen and "where do I start?"


With the FunnelBuilder AI Founders Deal, that problem is eliminated.


Not only have we invented the best AI tools on the market for this stuff...we will also do it for you.


With our Launchpad bonus we will create your funnel, right inside your account for you, get it live and ready to go....and you won't have to lift a finger.


With a bonus like cannot fail.

Value: $2,500

Bonus 2

We'll take you existing funnel/site into Kickpages for you

Quite often we have interested potential customers who are "trapped" on a very expensive, very poor alternative platform.


They know Kickpages rocks, they are amazed when they see our FunnelBuilder AI tools....but then the reality kicks in. "but Martin, I have my existing funnels and websites on this other platform, it's too much work to move it".


We are removing that problem for you right now with the Kickpages Concierge bonus. Simply share what you need moved over, and we'll get it done.


This is your chance to escape from buggy expensive platforms with a fraction of the features we provide....without doing any work yourself. 

Value: $1,000

Bonus 3

We'll build an automated AI bot for your sales funnel, course, custom helpdesk...whatever you want!

As part of FunnelBuilder AI, you get access to our BotsAI platform.


Although this is in the middle of an already bumper deal, we want to make sure you get up and running with this asap as it really is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.


You see, when our team build, configure and train your very own AI bot, it can transform things for you. Here are some exmaples: you could have a bot trained on your offer and sales copy, as well as pre-defned deals....let that bot close sales. could have a bot trained on your entire course content, and that could be PDF's, videos, URL's, name it. Simply give this bot a name and sell access as part of your course, and your customers will love you for it.


There's no limit to this tool, and this bonus means we will do the whole thing for you, even give you ideas to choose from.


Value: $1,000

Bonus 4

Instantly model and reverse engineer 10 of our real-world sales pages, responsible for 7 figures in sales

In a single click you can import 10 of our very own launch sales pages.


These are responsible for 7 figures in sales, from some of our biggest launches.


Leverage all that time and money we spent perfecting and split testing these, to use them as a basis for your own copy and offer pages.


This is a truly unique bonus you cannot get anywhere else - the ultimate shortcut!



Value: $5,000

Bonus 5

2 whitelabel software products to rebrand and sell as your own (we'll brand them and set them up for you)

Another problem we find people have when they get started with a new platform like ours is "ok, now I have the software....what do I sell?"


Well aside from the fact that our Product Machine AI will help you create that, we solve it immediately on day 1.


You get to choose two of our existing whitelabel apps to rebrand and sell as your own.


You don't even have to do any work! Just choose the 2 apps you want, then we'll rebrand them, insall them for you, and create your funnel in your new Kickpages account.


As I said above.....with a bonus like this, you cannot fail to have a live funnel and product ready to sell - and that is a massive hurdle removed, to clear the path for you to success.

Value: $600

Bonus 6

Follow our expert Academy training, tutorials and "over the shoulder" case studies to see exactly how to do anything you desire in Kickpages

Before we built FunnelBuilder AI, Kickpages was already the most powerful Funnel Builder on the market.


With things like our visual funnel builder and our Foundry app, we have features no other platform has. Add FunnelBuilder AI to the mix, and you have an absolute machine for your business.


So the next question is: "that's great, but how do I use all this? I'm short on time, I don't want to watch 50 tutorials and read articles".


We get it. We are busy, you are buys. Our Academy series solves this.


Made up of to the point, easy to follow training and direct help, we have you covered.


I want to emphasise this in case it gets missed - we have you covered.


By that I mean, if you don't know how to do something, we'll go into your account and actually do it for you, and make you a video explaining what we did.


This is the direct "hands on" support you will get as a FunnelBuilder AI Founders Deal member.


No other platform offers that.

Value: $500




You have nothing to risk today, because we have a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Whether it’s in an hour from now, or in 29 days from now….if you want your money back you can get it just by asking us here at support.

No hassle, no hoops to jump through, no risk.

I want you to make an informed decision and the only way you can do that is from getting into FunnelBuilder AI and seeing what it can do.

"The AI page builder, is sick!"

"The AI page builder, is sick! Totally awesome on the few tests I’ve done!"

- Sean Mac

"This is awesome!"

"This is awesome! The Kickpages platform is remarkable but what is also unlike any other software I have purchased is the quick and complete support not only from his team but from martin directly. Try to get that for CF or GHL... never happen!"

- Rich McN.

"...nothing really impresses me... but THIS impresses me"

"I've been doing online stuff for over 20 years and nothing really impresses me... but THIS impresses me. Nice work!"

- Dave S.

"This far surpasses anything else that is on the market"

"I don't even know everything that this product does. I just went ahead and bought because he is a standup gentleman and his team is outstanding. This far surpasses anything else that is on the market. Thanks for the vision keep it coming."

- Hashim

"KickPages is solid"

"KickPages is solid"

- Edward J.

"KickPages ROCKS!"

"KickPages ROCKS!"

- Max H.

"and this just takes it over the top"

"I would definitely recommend buying this. I have had Kickpagess for a year and a half - the new AI stuff takes it over the top. Works fine easy to use."

- Dean L.

"the new AI stuff takes it over the top"

"KickPages is solid... had it for years... and this just takes it over the top."

- David C.

"STRONG product, with GREAT support"

"if you're not familiar with it... KP's is a STRONG product, with GREAT support."

- Gregg

"This blows anything Cl*ckF***els is doing AWAY"

"This blows anything Cl*ckF***els is doing AWAY"

- D.S.

"Very Impresive!!"

"Thanks Martin, Truly superior work as usual. Very Impressive!!"

- Clay T.


"Kickass with Kickpages"

- Gaynor G.

"That's insane!"

"That's insane!" (when he saw the PageAI demo)

- Dean L.

"Can't refuse this deal"

"Just bought. Can't refuse this deal. Great work!"

- Dan K.

"It pays for itself"

"Do you want to make money?

Do you want to build an online business fast? Stop majoring in minor things - the cost of KickPages etc is minor, compared to the cash you'll make on your first launch"

- David Cav.

"the ROI... it's immeasurable"

"In my mind I cannot even calculate the ROI... it's immeasurable."

- David S.

"PageAI Rocks!"

"PageAI Rocks!"

- Boyd S.

"Your software is astounding"

"Martin - You are indeed a rare find! Thank you, thank you, thank you for delivering value, not just once but over and over again! The way you've been evolving the utility and value of your software is astounding. It's like you are reading my mind and adding functionality just for my specific use cases!"

- Hubert L.

" continue to update and add new features to the platform"

"I love kickpages! It's really great. It's a huge advantage that you continue to update and add new features to the platform. Thanks and keep up the great work!"

- Hubert L.

"...kickin' butt with Kickpages"

"Wow, you are kickin' butt with Kickpages! Love the new additions!"

- Robin L.

"...a 'Done For You' system"

"With the latest AI features, it is going to be almost a 'Done For You' system.

Building sites, pages, and sales funnels can be completed quickly and easily, saving many hours of work"

- James G.

"...wanted to let you know what a great product Kickpages is"

"I just wanted to let you know what a great product Kickpages is. Thank you so much for providing us with a great tool."

- Joe C.

"I recommend Kickpages with the strongest conviction"

"Kickpages changed everything with its intuitive dashboard, comprehensive tutorials, and responsive support, making it the ultimate tool for all my site development needs. I recommend Kickpages with the strongest conviction."

- Miles A.

"I absolutely LOVE Kickpages"

"I absolutely LOVE Kickpages. One of the newer products I actually believe it."

- Tim E.

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1 payment of only $997 per year


or 3x split monthly payments of only $397